Subway Sandwich...

It kind of irks me that Subway is touting its sandwiches as a health food. They are as mass produced as any other fast food. Are you looking at that sandwich photo and thinking it looks pretty delicious and fresh? That's not Subway. That's an artisanal, local, seasonal sandwich that costs 25% less than its Subway counterpart.

I made the sandwich above as part of an Affordable Greenmarket project, highlighting affordable food that can be made from local ingredients. This sandwich is made from all Greenmarket ingredients: a ciabatta roll from Bread Alone ($1), purple radishes from Phillips farm ($.33 for 3), curly green lettuce from Kernan farm ($.20 for a quarter of a head), and a gorgeous washed rind cheese from Consider Bardwell, Dorset ($18 a pound, but only $1.70 for an ounce and a half). Grand total for my sandwich? $3.23

Compare that with the Subway sandwich below, an item off Subway's most inexpensive menu, the BMT, which rings in at $4.29. Commercially farmed everything. Icky bread.

You may be saying, okay, but the Subway sandwich is already made. True. But I was able to assemble my sandwich directly at the market, in less than five minutes, in less time than it takes to buy a fast food sandwich. So take heart. As we're all trying to figure out how to spend as little as possible while keeping good experiences in our lives, the lush, lovely sandwich is in your grasp.

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Jo said...

Sounds great!! I'll give it a try.