Already Made

This lazy lunch required not only no cooking, but also no chopping, assembling, or thought of any kind. All I did was rinse the radishes and curly green lettuce before I nestled on the couch with this plate of: French breakfast radishes, salt for dipping, a blob of curly green lettuce, some hunks of Consider Bardwell (I'm obsessed!) cheese called Equinox and a little bit of smoked shark. Yeah, I said it. Smoked shark. Once again the smoked fish offering from Blue Moon is exceptional, and I'm thinking of trying a shark brandade with this mild, white, salty fish.

But for now I'm working on getting my administrative/paperworky work taken care of, so I'll happily tuck into this food that requires nothing of me. It's salty and creamy, spicy and crisp, and better than all that, it's already made.

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