Oh, August, I did love you.

So, the entire month of August passed without my making a single post. That's not to say that nothing happened. On the contrary, the personal chef business has been very brisk, and of course the farmer's market has been overflowing with beautiful harvests. I have written many recipes, six I think, for the bounty of August, and I am still at the market on Mondays.

I'll post each recipe I cooked last month, August, the month I spent standing at the stove (or the butane burner, as the case may be) rather than sitting at the computer. Now that September is winding down, and the last mad weeks of harvest, harvest, harvest are winding down, I'll start working with more root vegetables and the heartiest of greens, kale.

A glut of tomato canning happened, too, which I'll recount in full detail. It's possible that heirloom tomatoes have a secret weakness. I know, it seems shocking, but believe it. Those delicious little buggers turn out not to perfect in every way. Is the suspense killing you?

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