Update: Pheasant Egg Lunch

I put the pheasant eggs in lukewarm tap water, brought them to a slow simmer, then immediately removed the eggs from the heat and let them continue to cook in the hot water for about 10 minutes. They were creamy and completely delicious.

There was no way they would allow themselves to be peeled, though, so I cut them in half and scooped each half from the shell with a spoon. Luxurious pleasure. And visual pleasure, too, because I got to keep those beautiful shells on my plate.

I'd heard that pheasant eggs are gamy, but I didn't think so. I liked them and would get them again if I needed something unusual (or green, or smaller than average). But they didn't really knock the socks off a chicken egg, in my opinion. A boiled egg tends to be delicious, you know?

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