Coming May 19: Plumbing IS Civilization

My apologies to the good people using outhouses (I know you're reading!) but access to running water has my vote as the most important element in establishing civilization. The Romans and anyone who's had their water service interrupted would no doubt agree. So when I resume my cooking demos in Union Square on May 19th, I will be entirely and totally uncivilized.

That's right, I'll be cooking with no water. No water! If you are feeling archive-y you can go back and read my posts from early last season and see what an issue this was. Before the generous folks at Luna Park let me rummage in their kitchen, I was scrubbing daikon radishes in the bathroom sink, to the shock of other bathroom visitors.

This year, I'm not sure that the bathroom sink is running. There may be literally no running water at all, because of the construction at the north end of Union Square park. So stay tuned for updates on how to make asparagus without a drop of water, or, more likely, how to schlep a few gallons of water into a tent, twenty-first century style.

The construction has not cut into market crowds, though, and that's good.

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