Eats Corn Shoots and Leaves

It's true, what I said about early spring, that no vegetables have had the chance to grow up yet. But little shoots are growing, and shoots are in the market.

I stocked up on the classics, pea and radish, and I'm looking forward to gobbling them up. I also made a foray into the unknown with "corn sprouts," and I am glad to have discovered something new.

So far, that's the kindest thing I can say about them.

We don't usually eat the corn plant, so eating a baby version of the whole plant seems kind of odd. I tasted one shoot immediately at the market, over an hour ago, and I'm still tasting it. At first it was pleasant, joltingly sweet. Then a sort of acrid taste followed. And lingered.

I actually went back to Windfall Farms to ask, what is the best way to eat these? A very candid sprout guy, whose identity I will protect as a sort of thank you, said diplomatically that some people put them in risotto before saying, "I think they taste like aspartame."


It's the first time I've tasted a plant that tasted entirely artificial. It's really weird. It tastes like...not food.

So now I feel challenged. Can I make a corn shoot delicious? Is it worthwhile to even try? Don't lose sleep over it. I'll post my report soon.

And in the meantime I should note that despite my trepidation about corn sprouts, Windfall Farm rocks. The "normal" sprouts are delicious and were still crisp and perky late into the day. They vigilantly spritz the shoots with water, and it works. Thanks guys!

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