Union Garden CSA Revisited

On Thursday, I had the luxury of filling in for Sharon at the CSA by picking up this week's produce. Sharon was generous enough to donate her CSA goods to me while she is out of town. This week again, the produce was just plain spectacular. Beautiful.

I should correct myself about the name I've been using, though. The proper name for this CSA is the Park Slope CSA, and the park where we pick up is not Union Garden, but Garden of Union. Perhaps this name, with its biblical whiff, is what prompts these guidelines for children in the park:

"No running, no bare feet, no nakedness."

Not nudity, mind you, nakedness. Has anything ever made you want to strip down in a public park more? I managed not to commit any sins, original or otherwise, while picking up these items: sweet cherries, bok choy, green lettuce, one small dill plant, one cucumber (destined to become one pickle?), chard, one bunch radishes, and one bunch of the loveliest little white turnips that you ever did see. The turnips were so young and fresh that you could just gobble them up raw. Love this.

Most of these veggies go in to a spring vegetable stew, based loosely on the recipe for braised spring vegetables in the Times food section last week.

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